30 November 2018

Jimtof 2018: A look at the future of tooling

This year too, Jimtof was an important showcase for new developments in the sector.

Sodick showcased several new models of wire EDM machines: ALC400P the latest evolution of the ALC series, AQ 1500L, the largest wire EDM on the market and finally ALC 800GH.

The ALC-P series has the same control as the ALC-G series and is differentiated by the use of cross-roller linear guides, which improve static accuracy.

The ALC 800GH is the version with increased Z-axis travel compared to ALC 800G presented at the last edition of BIMU. Particular attention was focused on the development of the thermal wire cutting and annealing system to facilitate threading operations.

This was the first edition of Jimtof of the new President Kenichi Furukawa, who succeeded his father who died months ago, during which the new logo was presented, consisting of two wings forming an S in the middle. These wings represent Sodick’s goal to distribute and spread its products worldwide.

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