Kent Industrial Co. KGS WM Series

This series of machines is designed in an extremely rigid structure to perform flat machining operations within tight tolerances.

The upright column houses the grinding wheel head and carries out vertical movement. The grinding wheel head slides on special flat guides that give the column maximum rigidity. Roughing feed and micro-finishing feed can be easily programmed using a ball screw (class C5) combined with a servomotor and precision encoder (optical scale – optional). The absolute precision and repeatability of the automatic vertical feed is ensured by an extremely reliable closed loop system with encoder reading or optical scale (optional), minimum programmable increment : 0.001 mm.

The machine functions are activated by a Mitsubishi microprocessor and by controls located on a 6″ LCD touch screen panel which regulates the descent of the grinding wheel head and the crossfeed carriage parameters. With the microprocessor it is possible to select the roughing and finishing phases and therefore the stock removal and the retraction of the grinding wheel head at the end of the cycle (resolution 0.1 – 0.01 – 0.001 mm).

A precise ratio between the wheel size, the installed power and the rigidity of the grinding wheel spindle makes it possible to obtain high precision on both the degree of finish and the flatness and parallelism tolerances.  The table’s longitudinal movement is hydraulic and slides on double-V guides, with travel adjustment via proximity switches. The crossfeed end stop is defined by storing the reversal points directly on the PLC controls. This ensures a long service life as well as very low noise levels in the system.

The crossfeed movement is driven by an electric motor combined with a hardened and ground precision screw. The guideways on the bed are of the V-shaped type with a large cross-section and guarantee accurate straight-line movement. The grinding wheel spindle is manufactured with high precision and rotates on preloaded angular contact bearings with permanent lubrication. A timed automatic lubrication system allows continuous control of the movements, guaranteeing high reliability over time. The hydraulic unit, consisting of a special valve body, allows extremely smooth reversals; it is housed in a special control unit separate from the machine body. Ergonomic layout, accessible to the operator both for daily use and for maintenance (all the controls are contained in a special cabinet on the side of the machine).

Specifiche tecniche


Model KGS 63 WM KGS 84 WM KGS 250 WM KGS 510 WM KGS 615 WM KGS 620 WM KGS 715 WM KGS 820 WM KGS 830 WM
Grindable surface mm 650 X 300 800 X 400 460 X 200 1000 X 500 1500 X 600 2000 X 600 1500 X 700 2000 X 800 3000 X 800
Longitudinal travel mm 710 920 540 1140 1600 2230 1600 2250 3250
Crossfeed travel mm 340 450 260 540 660 660 760 880 885
Distance between grinding wheel axis and table top mm 610 600 475 575 600 600 600 880 880
Max. permissible weight on the table (including magnetic plate) Kg 420 700 100 1000 1300 1500 1400 2300 3000

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