Okuma 2SP-H Series

Significantly shorter cycle times for small to medium-sized workpieces, ideal for medium to large batches in the automotive industry: the innovative double front spindles make the 2SP-H series the most user-friendly turning machine for automation.

On a single machine, front and rear side machining can be carried out in a very short time. The carriage units assigned to the spindle heads also allow the Okuma Gantry Loader (OGL) to be integrated into the production line for automatic loading and unloading of workpieces.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data 2SP-150H 2SP-250H 2SP-35H 2SP-2500H
Max. Turning diameter mm 200 350 280
Max. Turning length mm 155 200 230
Main spindle speed min-1 4500 [6000] 3200 2500 45/5000
Motor (VAC) kW 11/7,5 x 2 18,5/15 x 2 15/18,5 x 2 15/11
X/Z Rapid travels m/min 24/24 24/24 24/30 25/25
Support surface mm 1850 x 2150 2300 x 2625 3200 x 2775 2200 x 2734

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