Sodick ALC series

The ALC Premium range demonstrates significant improvements in cutting speed, accuracy and surface finish.

The feed unit contains numerous circuits to optimally control EDM energy. The high-speed, high-precision roughing, which is essential for achieving excellent finishes, is controlled with an optimum discharge pulse to achieve superior accuracy in terms of surface quality and shape. The generator containing these circuits is based on an energy-saving design and works to minimise unnecessary energy losses.

The linear motors from Sodick offer high acceleration and, thanks to a direct drive mechanism, they guarantee high positioning accuracy. Excellent dynamics ensure stable and fast machining. With no wearing parts and no maintenance, excellent performance is

guaranteed for a long time.

The transmission with linear motor allows a higher sensitivity as it adapts according to the thickness change: the thinking circuit automatically detects the thickness and processes optimised machining parameters. It has also proven to be very reliable and durable over the years and does not require any maintenance costs for ball screw replacement.

Thanks to its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion, ceramic is the ideal material to use in EDM machines. In addition to its perfect hardness, light weight and heat resistance, ceramic is not affected by wear and also has electrical insulation properties, which is important for EDM machines.

The ALC Series uses the new “SPW Power Supply Unit” equipped with a high-speed DUAL CORE processor and the new 19″ LCD monitor with integrated touch panel, to further improve NC operation.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical DataALC 400GALC 600GALC 800GALC 800GH Z800
X/Y/Z axis travels400 x 300 x 250 mm600 x 400 x 350 mm800 x 600 x 500 mm800 x 600 x 800 mm
U/V axis travel150 x 150 mm150 x 150mm200 x 200 mm200 x 200 mm
Work tank dimensions (WxD)850 x 610 mm1050 x710 mm1500 x 1040 mm1500 x 1040 mm
Max. workpiece weight500 kg1000 kg3000 kg3000 kg
Wire diameterØ 0.1 ~ 0.3 mmØ 0.1 ~ 0.3 mmØ 0.1 ~ 0.3 mmØ 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm
Wire tension3 ~ 23N3 ~ 23N3 ~ 23N3 ~ 23N
Max wire speed420 mm/sec420 mm/sec420 mm/sec420 mm/sec
Load capacity600 Lt800 Lt1500 Lt

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