Sodick OPM series

Sodick’s OPM series metal 3D printers feature an innovative and revolutionary one-piece mould processing system. They achieve extraordinary performance in processing metal moulds for plastic products. This system improves productivity, reduces lead times, and lowers the cost of molded products, which was not possible with conventional manufacturing systems that require complex processes and the skills of an expert. At the same time, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), it is possible to have automated and unmanned control of the moulding workstation through remote-controlled production operation, resulting in significant overall labour savings.

Sodick is committed to applying its core technologies to offer unique solutions as expressed in its philosophy passed down since the company was founded: “Creating What We Can’t Find In The World”.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data OPM 250L OPM 350L
Max. workpiece size [mm] 250 ×250 ×250 350x350x350
X, Y axis travel 260mm 360mm
U axis travel 260mm 344mm
Z axis spindle travelo 100mm 100mm
Work tank internal dimensions [mm] 290×290 390×390
Max. powder feed D90 kg (Acciaio Maraging) 300kg
Nitrogen delivery capacity 32NL/min 90NL/min
Machine dimensions (excluding peripheral devices) [mm] 1870×2230×2055 2020×2485×2220
Machine tool weight (excluding peripheral devices) 4500kg 5800kg

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