Yasda PX 30i

Proven by FEM analysis, the structure of the gantry machine contributes to high rigidity and its symmetry helps to reduce thermal deformation. All important mounting surfaces such as the bed, column, screw support and thrust bearings are hand scraped to achieve a high degree of precision and maintain it for many years.

In order to obtain a machine with high dynamics and rigidity, ball screws and linear guides are used. The tilting rotary table uses a direct drive motor and is supported on both sides by a large diameter roller bearing.

On the ø185mm pallet, it is possible to load workpieces with dimensions up to ø400mm x 315mm with a maximum weight of 80kg. Key features of PX30i include a matrix-type tool changer that can load up to 306 tools and a new touch screen control panel that facilitates tool loading and unloading from the magazine.

Another important feature is the automatic pallet changer managed entirely with digital servomotors, which, thanks to the large pallet magazine, can store up to 33 pallets, guaranteeing a high level of autonomy and processing flexibility.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data
X axis travel [mm]680
Y axis travel [mm]400
Z axis travel [mm]500
Work table dimensions [mm]Ø 185
Max. table load capacity [Kg]80
Spindle speed [rpm]20000
Magazine capacity300 seats

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