Yasda YBM Vi40

YASDA YBM Vi40 is built with high rigidity solid guides in hardened steel on the X / Y / Z linear axes, whose construction architecture continues the tradition of all Yasda machining centers of the YBM series, renown for precision, rigidity and durability.

The high-precision, high-stiffness, rotating and tilting table with B/C axes is mounted on the Y-axis to minimize the weight differences of the moving parts in each axis, and placing the heavy moving parts so as to lower the center of gravity.

The B-axis tilting drive mechanism is made by Yasda according to its own design with worm gear and helical wheel, the front bearing of the main support is large diameter roller type, 400 mm, which helps to improve the performance of the table motion control. A direct drive motor is instead used to drive the C-axis table rotation, where less rigidity is needed.

The use of the Direct Drive motor on the C-axis ensures greater positioning accuracy and no mechanical backlash. The thermal distortion stabilization system is used not only for the head and carriage, but also for the Y-axis which is the basic structure that carries the table.

In this system, a temperature-controlled oil circulation is created through the main component structures to help stabilize geometric accuracy and decrease the effect of changing environmental conditions. The operator has good accessibility through the two doors in the machine, one for front access and the other on the right side.

Specifiche tecniche

Technical Data
X- Y- Z axes travels [mm]900X500X450
Work table dimensions [mm]Ø400
Max. table load capacity [Kg]300
Spindle rotation speed [rpm]24.000
Magazine capacity60 posti
X- Y- Z rapid travels [mm/min]20000
Max. workpiece diameter500mm

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